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Learn to make great video content on your smartphone. Watch this video to learn more….

About Our Programme

Online & LIVE Training

Our proven four part video content creation formula.

  • Vision

    We start with the first step, creating the vision. It’s important to learn what type of video you need to create for your goal. Not all videos are created equal!


    Learn how to use powerful Hollywood storytelling techniques combined with organic script writing.

  • Film making 

    From setting up your smartphone for the best video capture, Audio 101 through to lighting for location and creative lighting that flatters you. Everything you need to start filming.


    Learn about the five second subconscious rule, how your body language, tonality and gesturing can affect your connection to your audience. You will learn Oscar winning performances.

Regular Communications


    Access to our close Facebook group, where you can share and learn from our members.


    Every month we hold a LIVE webinar where we critique a members video and answer LIVE questions.


    Members can submit and vote on each others videos. Quarterly competitions with great prizes to be won.

  • member discounts 

    Members gain early booking before the public for all our LIVE events including special discounts.

Frequently Asked Questions